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微软 MB7-226认证考题

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  1.In preparing to install the Navision Application server you must choose which type of installation to perform. What are your choices?





  Correct Answers: B, D

  2.What will stop you from deleting individual records from a database?

  A:Having open entries.

  B:Backups running in the background.

  C:Selecting more than one record for deletion.

  D:The record having a nonzero balance.

  Correct Answers: A, D

  3.Which database test checks that all records in all tables can be read; records are sorted in ascending order according to the primary key; all fields are correct in relation to the field type?





  Correct Answers: A, B, C, D

  4.In the Navision ODBC Setup window, where do you specify where Navision is installed as a single-user or multi-user system?

  A: Connection

  B: Net Type

  C: Server Name

  D: Under the Options button

  Correct Answers: A

  5.What are some of the ways to optimize the Navision database?:

  A:use Keys and Key Groups.

  B:Set key property relationships between keys in Navision and the SQL Server indexes.

  C:increase the table seek time in the Database Server.

  D:expand the database.

  Correct Answers: A, B

  6.The Database tab displays the percentage of the database currently in use, and the percentage of total space being used by the database. What other information is displayed on this tab?

  A:How many Sessions the database is currently running.

  B:Whether DBMS cache has been allocated in the system - and how much.

  C:Whether object cache has been allocated in the system.

  D:Whether File Cache is turned on.

  Correct Answers: B, C

  7.What authentication process is used to allow for single sign-on access to the system?

  A: database

  B: Windows

  C: user ID

  D: permission

  Correct Answers: B

  8.Navision Application Server is a middle-tier server that executes business logic without user intervention. The Application Server makes it possible to communicate with what?

  A: External participants

  B: External services

  C: Internal participants

  D: Internal services

  Correct Answers: B

  9.A new Navision database must be created on your Microsoft SQL Server, which of the following steps must be used?

  A:Click File, Database, New and the Select Server window appears.

  B:Enter the License Number from Tools, License Information.

  C:Enter the Company name.

  D:Select or enter the Server name. Select the type of Authentication.

  Correct Answers: A, D

  10.Which server options does Navision allow?

  A:Windows 2000 Server

  B:Microsoft SQL Server

  C:Navision Database Server


  Correct Answers: B, C