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微软 MB2-185认证考试题库

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  1.Which technology does the Microsoft CRM browser client use to present the user interface to Internet Explorer?

  A: XML

  B: Generated Platform API


  D: Fetch Builder

  Correct Answers: C

  2.In Microsoft CRM, sales processes are workflow rules designed specifically for which of the following objects?

  A: Accounts

  B: Cases

  C: Leads

  D: Opportunities

  Correct Answers: D

  3.To build solutions for Microsoft CRM using .NET, Microsoft Business Solutions recommends that a developer have which of the following skills or experience?

  A:In-depth knowledge of PL/SQL language

  B:Experience working with .NET enabled languages

  C:A clear understanding of the IPX/SPX protocol

  D:A good understanding of Object Oriented programming concepts

  Correct Answers: B, D

  4.What are the main functions of the Schema Manager Attribute Manager tool?

  A:It allows you to delete custom fields

  B:It allows you to change a field data type

  C:It allows you to add custom fields

  D:It allows you to change a field display name and description

  Correct Answers: C, D

  5.You plan to customize your Microsoft CRM application. However, as a safety precaution, you wish to back up your current XML configuration prior to making your changes. Which of the following Deployment Manager tools would you use to back up your existing XML configuration?

  A: XML Backup

  B: Transport Customization

  C: Customization Backup/Restore

  D: Export Customization

  Correct Answers: D

  6.Where is Customization Transport Manager Tool located?

  A: Active Directory

  B: Domain Name Service

  C: Deployment Manager


  Correct Answers: C

  7.When viewing an Account Record in Microsoft CRM, users can click on the Contacts button to display a list of Contacts linked to a particular Account. To customize this Contacts view, which of the following areas of system customization needs to be customized?

  A: Contact Associated View

  B: Contact View

  C: Account/Contact View

  D: Contact Form

  Correct Answers: A

  8.Where does the isv.config file reside?

  A: Biztalk Server

  B: Exchange Server

  C: Domain Controller

  D: Microsoft CRM Web server

  Correct Answers: D

  9.How many places in a form can the same field be displayed?

  A: One time per tab

  B: One time per form

  C: One time per section

  D: As many times as desired

  Correct Answers: B

  10.Which of the following Actions can you perform on Workflow Processes when in the Process tab of the Workflow Monitor?





  Correct Answers: A, C


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