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微软 MB2-228认证考试题库

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  1.Bob would like to provide the ability to convert a lead to an account via a custom web application. The conversion must use the Lead Mappings defined in Schema Manager. Which of the following methods can be used to enable this functionality?

  A: Use CRMLead.Convert() With the parameters: - CuserAuth - LeadId - Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Types.ObjectType.otAccount to convert the specified lead into an Account.

  B: Use CRMCustomizations.GetMapping(otLead, otAccount) to access the mappings specified for the Lead entity in Schema Manager. Create a new Account, and update the account with the source fields retrieved from the originating lead as specified by the mappings

  C: Create a new Account. Call CRMAccount.Create(), and capture the new account id. Set originatingleadid property to the lead being converted. Call CRMAccount.SetPrimaryLead() with the parameters: - CuserAuth - LeadId where LeadId is the ID of original lead being converted. This action will automatically convert the originating lead to this account and transform according to the mappings provided.

  D: Use CRMCustomizations class to transform the lead to an account as follows: Call CRMCustomization.Transform () with the parameters: - CUserAuth, - CObjName, - Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Types.ObjectType.otAccount - Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Types.TRANSFORM_TARGET_FIELD_ TYPE.TFT_VALID_FOR_CREATE where CObjName contains data about the Lead Object

  Correct Answers: D

  2.Using Deployment Manager, Bob publishes a custom Product entity string attribute with Display Name and Name of "serialno" and of size 256. He wants to programmatically fetch this custom attribute in a query. When querying the Product entity using specific column names in a ColumnSetXML, which of the following columns would return the new custom attribute?

  A: serialno

  B: CFIserialno

  C: serialno

  D: CFSserialno

  Correct Answers: D

  3.You are developing an application that connects to the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM platform. Your requirements state that the security context used will be provided by encrypted credentials retrieved from the web.config file of your application. Which type of authentication should you specify when connecting to the web services exposed by the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM platform?


  B: Basic authentication

  C: Digest Authentication

  D: Anonymous

  Correct Answers: A

  4.Which statements represent best practices for using a Post-URL step in a Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Workflow process?

  A:Use as the last step in the workflow.

  B:Use for non-critical processing.

  C:Use to open a new window to capture additional information from the user.

  D:Use as a means to write critical business data to a back-end application.

  Correct Answers: A, B

  5.How does Microsoft Business Solutions CRM validate JScript/JavaScript code in OnChange events?

  A: Validation is enabled when you set the alidateScript?attribute of the web.config file for the Microsoft Business Solutions CRM application to n? Business Solutions CRM application to and.

  B: There is no mechanism within Microsoft Business Solutions CRM to validate JavaScript/JScript code for OnChange events.

  C: OnChange event code is validated by Microsoft Business Solutions CRM at the platform layer using Microsoft Internet Explorer components.

  D: OnChange event code is validated by Microsoft Business Solutions CRM at the application layer using Microsoft Internet Explorer components.

  Correct Answers: B

  6.Which of the following statements are true for Microsoft CRM object dependencies?

  A:An account can have only one account as its parent.

  B:A contact must be associated with an Account.

  C:An opportunity must be associated with an Account or Contact.

  D:A contact can be associated with multiple parent accounts.

  Correct Answers: A, C

  7.Which of the following descriptions is true for the CRMIncident.RetrieveByObject() method?

  A: This method is used to retrieve the users that the Incident is assigned to.

  B: This method is used to retrieve all the incidents (cases) associated with an account or contact.

  C: This method is used to retrieve objects associated with incidents.

  D: This method is used to retrieve the details of an incident specified by the incident id set in the Microsoft.Crm.Platform.Proxy.CObjectName object passed in the parameters.


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