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  • 微软70-059TCP/IP4.0试题及答案二 日期:2012-02-08 16:40:14 点击:3761 好评:0

    person one: Here s what I can remember: 1. Your company has two WINS servers already installed. You need to install a new WINS server to connect to the internet. How will you configure it? a. Primary WINS b. Secondary WINS c. Caching only d...

  • 微软70-059TCP/IP4.0试题及答案一 日期:2012-02-08 16:35:04 点击:3721 好评:0

    person one: 1) Connection-oriented protocol. choose 2 My ans. TCP, SPX 2) Connectionless-oriented Protocol. choose2 My ans. UDP, IPX(not sure) 3) If T1 line fails, what method of redundancy is used for email purposes. My ans. ISDN (not su...

  • MCSE试题:Hyper-V网络模式解析 日期:2012-02-08 16:33:32 点击:3708 好评:0

    微软认证MSCE模拟试题: 【问】禁用路由和远程访问服务也能创建传入连接,怎么搞得?在Host OS上,仅绑定 microsoft virtual switch protocol 的物理网卡,需要在网络--高级--适配器和绑定,调到最高...

  • 题库:RHCE参考笔试试题 日期:2011-05-16 10:18:06 点击:3051 好评:2

    1.WhatfiledoIedittopreventspecificusersfromaccessinganftpserver? Choosethebestanswer: A./etc/hosts.allow B./etc/hosts.deny C./etc/ftpacess D./etc/ftpusers E./etc/ftpd.conf 2.YouhavejustaddedanewNFSsharetotheappropriatefile.Whatmustyoudotoac...